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Being the #1 platform to buy your must-have tools for your kit – based in Montreal, Canada, MFMA was created by a makeup artist that strives to offer the best beauty tools for makeup artists and makeup addicts around the globe.


Because our lives center on the beauty community, we feel no one is in a better position to convey what the market needs than active artists working in the industry. We are here to offer you high-quality products developed in Canada, entirely vegan and cruelty-free, at a reasonable price.


Professional artists and celebrities from North America trust MFMA products and use them in diverse sectors of the beauty industry such as tv, movies, fashion shows and private services.


With 16 years of experience, owner of MFMA, Nadia Blouin has a passion for creativity and innovation – a desire to push the boundaries and go all out to exceed expectations. Her goal is to create a platform where MUA and beauty experts can trust and buy beauty necessities in total peace of mind.

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