My mom took her aesthetic class at Edith Serei in  Montreal, Canada.
I would love to spend all my time at  my mom salon. I would clean her makeup displays, pretend I was talking to customers (my dolls) and my mom gave me my first facial, which was basically her rubbing  a soft cream on my face with a spa music on!! But I remember looooving the experience! My passion for beauty, skincare and makeup was ACTIVATED!
My dad, that was an amazing entrepreneur, he showed me so much about business, having your own company, being loyal to your surrounding, having a positive attitude, he left this world trying to prepare me for the future.
I am now 16 years old and I have no clue what I want to do as a career. I am an artist in my soul, I am finishing my high school in a at home program due to my TDHA. I have no clue what I want to in my life, this is when my mom suggest me to take a makeup class, and for once as a teenager I didn’t argue, I thought it was a brilliant idea.
After having worked as a freelancer for the women that had given me my makeup class (Elisabeth Alarie) I got hired by the renowned company MAC cosmetics, I was about to enter a fabulous journey that would last 10 years.
 do my first wedding! I remember being so stress, I was being a part of the most important day of this women. Everything ended up going so well, that this family recommended me to all their friends and family, and word to mouth started happening and my freelance carer as a PRO in the wedding industry was on!
I got my first gig in fashion and TV. Friends of mine in the makeup community had refer me for those jobs. It was scary at first because it was not my world, I was use to do bug glams for weddings, now I had to make sure my technique was up to their standards, I remember calling my friends in the industry and asking them questions since there was not much info online nor on social media.
It is the year I say bye to MAC cosmetics but I meet my boyfriend that would help me build dream brand. Being a beauty fanatic and makeup lover, since many year I was dreaming of building a beauty brand.
MFMA is born! A beauty platform that the products are Adore by makeup artists but made for everyone. Our first product l was the lashes  Pro Lash Light and the rest is yet to come!

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